Air conditioning system that operates without electricity has been produced! The world is state of shock

The world is changing again in the context of combating climate change. As a result, many changes have been made recently to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The most recent example is a device developed in Israel.


As the world grapples with climate change, countries have taken action to cut carbon emissions. While many countries have signed the Green Energy Agreement, EU countries are aiming to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050.

While that transformation started in the automotive sector, serious investments are being made in electric cars. A new global transformation is underway to combat the damage caused to the world by the carbon released by fossil fuels.

Working with liquid nitrogen

In this context, an Israeli-made device took a revolutionary step. As we know, air conditioning systems emit greenhouse gases and consume a large amount of electricity. A brand named Kensho manufactured a non-electric air conditioning unit. According to No Camels, a new way of staying cool outside without damaging the planet has been found.

It will be available for sale in 2023

The air conditioning unit cools the air by spraying nitrogenous gas at -10 degrees. The first models will be tested at six Tel Aviv restaurants this month, as well as Green Kinoko, the company at the origin of the invention, declares that it will be ready to market the product by the summer of 2023.

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Liquid nitrogen is used extensively as a coolant in many industries. As a result, the brand could produce an air conditioner without electricity.

What is liquid nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen also called nitrogen, is known as the N symbol in the periodic table. Liquid nitrogen is an unsealed, odourless, inert gas.

In addition to being a major contributor to the Earth’s atmosphere, nitrogen makes up an average of 78% of the air. Also important is the presence of nitrogen in the tissues of all living beings on earth.

How does it come about?

Liquid nitrogen is produced by the distillation method from liquified air to liquid nitrogen, which acquires the greatest industrial value. Since it is freezing fluid, it causes frost on contact. Liquid nitrogen, which does not require pressure if the ambient temperature is set correctly, has a property that has values below zero and may remain in liquid form.

The temperature of the liquid nitrogen measured at 196ºC makes it an excellent cryostorage device. In this way, it contributes to the quick freezing of the products used.

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