Aleem Khan invites Imran Khan to live televised debate


Disgruntled PTI MPA and former minister Abdul Aleem Khan challenged PTI chairman Imran Khan for a televised debate one day after the ex-premier made allegations against him.

Speaking to journalists on Friday, Aleem Khan also made astounding disclosures regarding Imran Khan and Farah Khan, a close friend of Imran’s wife, Bushra Bibi.

Aleem suggested that he, another PTI estranged leader Jahangir Khan Tareen, and Imran Khan should take part in a debate on television so that people could know the truth.

In a podcast on Thursday evening, Imran Khan launched allegations against Aleem Khan and Tareen, stating that they wanted benefits from his government. Excerpts from the podcast also appeared on various TV channels.

Aleem Khan rejected the allegations of the former prime minister on Friday.

He started by saying that he had watched Khan’s podcast interview, who stated that Aleem Khan wanted to legalize 300 acres of land in Lahore.

Aleem said he wanted to say “categorically” when he joined PTI in 2010; he was already the development company’s owner and purchased 300 acres of land from a third party. The previous owners had already secured all of the company’s approvals when he bought it.

Aleem Khan stated that when his father died, Imran Khan paid him a visit to the same society.

“If I knew that I would have to support Imran Khan in 2010 because he would become Prime Minister in 2018 and then I could buy 300 acres of land and legalize it, so that means I have a very broad vision that I knew [all] eight to ten years in advance,” he said sarcastically.

Aleen Khan said he had a total of 3,000 acres of land in the project and none of those lands were “acquired” by government authorities. Instead, it was purchased from local farmers, who sold it under their free will to different owners, he said.

“Whether it was 3,000 acres or 10,000 acres, not an inch belonged to the government. There was no shamilat (common property) and not a single inch of state land,” he said.

Farah Khan

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Aleem Khan went on to expose Farah Khan.

He said the land that Imran Khan took was now under RUDA [Ravi Urban Development Authority] that Imran Khan formed in his leadership.

Who were among those blue-eyed developers, who among them benefited [from it], and what is the relationship they have with Imran Khan, it is necessary to investigate,’ he said.

Do these developers also include those who welcomed Ms.Farah to Dubai? Whose aircraft had it used, and which, due to its close relationship, developed a relationship with Imran Khan? I think people ought to know everything.”

He said that after these 300 acres of land, Imran Khan should tell the people how the land under RUDA was given to promoters.

Abdul Aleem Khan asked if the relatives of a vice-chairman of LDA, which was appointed by Imran Khan, were among the ten developers who obtained the RUDA land. “Is Aleem Khan one of them? If he is, let people know,” he said with a smile.

Challenge for TV debate

He cautioned Imran Khan that if he made charges against him, he would speak up as well.

Aleem Khan said he remained “silent for many days” trying not to reveal everything, But if Imran Khan wanted the questions made public, then everything should get out.

“I want you to come to a TV station with me and Jahangir Tareen. And then the three of us disclose the truth before the masses.

That would clarify what you were saying and what we were saying. What was your version [of what happened] and what was our version?

Anytime, anywhere, whatever channel you want, for whatever time you want, Come on, do a program. Let the public know the true face” of Imran Khan, Aleem Khan, and Jahangir Tareen.

“You’d have to say how much profit I got from you,” he said to Imran Khan.

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