Have a look at  unreleased photos of Elon Musk sold at auction by his college girlfriend

Elon Musk's mid-1990s college girlfriend is auctioning off her old photos at RR Auction, MailOnline reported.


The photographs reveal Jennifer Gwynne’s sweet romance with the billionaire.

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Jennifer went out with the CEO of Tesla in their early twenties while studying at UPenn, according to MailOnline.

The couple had been dating for one year. Meanwhile, Musk visited his family and shared his love of electric cars with Jennifer.

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Jennifer, 48, is now a married woman living in South Carolina, according to MailOnline.

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She told the media that she could not pay the tuition for her stepson and decided to take advantage of the fame of her ex-boyfriend.

She said both had a “sweet romance” but Musk was not very affectionate, particularly publicly.

Jennifer told me that when he moved to Palo Alto, the couple parted ways. She stated that he saw hus first wife, Justine, behind her back.

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“His shyness attracted me in the beginning,” says the 48-year-old.

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She said he was very focused on his studies and she always knew he was going to “places”.

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“He has one type.” I was really blonde, I matched the guy,” she said.

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She also admitted that she was completely in love with him and that it was very difficult for her to break up.


The most precious thing on the list is a birthday card he sent her in 1995.

It says: “Happy birthday Jennifer (aka Boo Boo). Love, Elon.”

The auction takes place live till September 14th.

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