Islamic Fact Book #18 How many angels are mentioned in the Holy Quran?



1. Gabriel (upon whom be peace):
Gabriel(A.S) is the angel whose task is to convey the revelation from Allah to His Messengers. He is mentioned in Holy verses as the spirit, rasulun karim, rule al-Amin, and rul Al qudus. In one of the Hadith, he is called, “an-namus.”

2. Mikaa’eel (upon whom be peace):
Mikaa’eel is the angel responsible for the distribution of sustenance wherever Allah wishes.

3. Israafeel (upon whom be peace):
Israfeel (a.s.) is the angel who is charged with blowing the trumpet on the Day of Judgment.

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4. Azraeel (upon whom be peace):
He is the Angel of death to take the souls with the order of Allah swt. He is mentioned in the hadiths and ayahs as the “Angel of Death.”

5. Kiram al Katibin:
“Keepers” mentioned in the ayahs (Surah al Infitar; 10-12) and (Surah al An’am, 61) are the “kiram al katibin” angels that are the two angels recording the deeds.

6. Hafaza (The Guardian Angels)
“Witnesses” are the hafaza angels who are charged with guarding.

7. Hamalat al-‘Arsh:
They are the angels carrying the arsh (throne).

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