Lake Manchhar level above 116.5 feet

Lake Manchhar climbed to 116.5 feet RL on Wednesday after a constant stream of hill torrents in the water body, increasing the pressure on the lake embankments.


Officials of the irrigation department began to release 15,000 cusecs of the lake water into the Indus river through Aral head and Aral tail canals near Sehwan to maintain the lake’s water level within safety limits.

Engineer Mahesh Kumar told the media that, again, the infills from the lake were safe after 15,000 cusecs were drained into the river.

The flow of Nai Gaaj Nullah hill torrents into the lake had also reduced and the patrolling had begun along the RD-0 embankment at 100 to supervise the lake’s level, he said.

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Chief Engineer Mohammad Alam Rahpoto said that Nai Gaaj’s flow dropped to 5 feet of 23 feet on Wednesday.

Rainfall had halted in the area, but the torrents of the Khirthar mountain range were still flowing toward FP bund and into the lake, he said.

He said that the water level along the dyke had dropped from 5 to 6 feet and that the pressure on the dyke was low.

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