New Zealand to impose tax on cow burps to reduce gas emissions


New Zealand has unveiled plans to tax sheep and cows’ burps in order to address the country’s largest source of greenhouse gases.

The BBC reported that this would make New Zealand the first country in the world to tax farmers for methane released as a result of animal possession.

With five million people, there are 10 million cattle and 26 million sheep in the country. On the other hand, half of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions, mainly methane, originate from agriculture.

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“There’s no question that we need to reduce the amount of methane we put into the atmosphere and an effective agricultural carbon pricing system will play a key role in how we achieve this objective,” said Climate Change Minister James Shaw.

Under the proposal, farmers may be required to pay for gas emissions as early as 2025. This includes encouraging farmers who cut emissions.

Methane, the second most widespread greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide, is a major concern for climate change activists. It accounts for one-third of global warming caused by human activities.

Most emissions are caused by several human activities such as farming and rice and livestock production.

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