Pakistan imports toxic industrial waste


The Standing Committee of the Senate on Climate Change was dismayed to learn that the United Kingdom, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Italy were the 10 largest exporters of industrial waste to Pakistan.

The committee was shocked to see the names of some of the friendly nations as well as those who often voiced concerns about climate change among the top 10 countries to dump their waste in Pakistan, wondering why nobody ever objected to “imported waste”.

“Why does Pakistan never oppose imported waste,” one committee member asked while asking why embassies, ministries, concerned departments, and federal and provincial governments never attempted to curb it.

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The names of the countries and the waste they were exporting to Pakistan had been revealed to the majority of senators. As they admitted, they were not even aware that Pakistan was a dumping ground for the world’s most advanced countries.

“Why have we imported waste from abroad,” some senators wondered while asking how long this has been going on and whether Pakistan has the capacity to deal with this kind of waste. “Why don’t we export waste,” the streets were full of toxic and non-toxic garbage. However, it was not exported to these top 10 countries.

The committee members expressed extreme displeasure over the massive importation of hazardous waste onshore because of unsafe practices that threaten public health and ecology.

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