Pakistani climber Asad Ali successfully climbs Mount Denali in North America


Aiming to climb the seven highest mountains across the seven continents of the world, Pakistani climber Asad Ali Memon managed to climb Denali mountain in North America last week at 6190 meters.

Ali’s team confirmed that the 23-year-old Larkana climber was able to summit Denali on the morning of May 28th, Saturday and that he returned to the base camp.

Denali was his fourth of the seventh summit’s target. He also waved the Pakistani flag at the top of Denali.

Ali began his mountaineering career scaling Mingling Sar in Shimshal in 2017.

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He began his mission of 7 continent-7 summits by climbing Mount Elbrus 5.642m tall in the European region in 2019.

The following year, it reached the 6862 m high Aconcagua in the South American area.

Last year, Ali was able to reach Mount Kilimanjaro 5,895 m, the highest summit in the African region.

He next eyes Jaya Peak, aka known as Mount Carstensz or Carstensz Pyramids in Australia/Oceania region.

The 4884m peak is located in the area of the island of New Guinea.

The renowned Pakistani climber Mirza Ali Bag has also climbed 7 peaks on 7 different continents.

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