Pakistani students may lose admissions to German universities due to visa delays

Pakistani students, who have been admitted to German universities, are fearful of losing their admission due to the long waiting time for student visas.


Students from across the country have complained about excessive delays for student visas at the country’s German embassies.

Students who have already obtained admissions to German universities for the winter semester 2022-23, starting in October, have stated that they may lose their admissions if embassies fail to schedule appointments in time for them.

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The reports indicate that the students urged the authorities concerned to take immediate action in this respect.

Pakistani students revealed that over 300 students who want to pursue post-graduate studies have already requested an appointment with the German embassy in Islamabad and over 250 others are waiting.

In addition, students say the embassy in Islamabad has a limited number of appointments and the application process may take up to a month, while the semester will begin in October, this is why students fear that it will ruin their plans to pursue their studies in Germany. Even if they obtain an appointment on time, the issuing of the visa also remains uncertain, which poses another problem for them.

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