Past Event #1 Archaeology


Archaeology is the scientific study of the things which ancient people left behind to know about their lifestyle. It also informs us about the societies which existed before records were made, and also it adds to our knowledge of literate societies.
Archaeologists examine objects (artifacts), features( buildings), and ecofacts (seeds or animal bones).

Archaeologists are like detectives who find out clues about things that ancient people used. They also discover great changes in societies like historians.

Kathleem Kenyon, a British archaeologist, died on August 24, 1978. She was digging at the site of ancient Jericho in 1954 and found out that its famous walls were destroyed in biblical times, not by responding trumpets but by fire.

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Sometimes archaeologists present evidence to historians which makes them re-examine their views of early societies.

In 1939, Sutton Hoo in England, the remains of an Anglo-Saxon treasure ship were discovered.
The artifacts found there were, show a far from primitive society of the so-called dark ages.

About Ancient Jericho
-Jericho, Arabic Arīḥā, is a town located on the West Bank. Jericho is one of the earliest continuous settlements in the world, dating perhaps from about 9000 BC.

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