Political Situation Pakistan 2022


What the then prime minister Imran Khan did during his term is out of the way options to save his government. The khan’s government damaged the foreign relations which subsequently have after-effects on a domestic level. The embarrassment came officially when the then deputy speaker with high spirit announced on the floor of the house that an international conspiracy is active to change the regime in Pakistan by ousting the PTI government, which now DG ISPR has officially denied.

Whereas, the opposition in the last three years had been plotting to end the government through Democratic way and other opposition minds insisted to go on the streets, however, they ended up on consensus to go for no-confidence against the Prime Minister, and ultimately the fate was decided after long delay tactics of the government.

It is not an appropriate mantra to malign political opponents based on nationalism and patriotism.
What the then Prime Minister khan did was not acceptable at all and now and later the political parties should learn not to use such an approach.

This was an unprecedented move in the constitutional and political history of Pakistan and the outcome to wipe out the PM through no confidence was also the first time in the history of the country.

The cable through which the communication was held among the diplomats were the personal opinion and suggestions shared routinely, that cable was used by the khan government as a political tool to build a narrative that opposition is being used by the foreign elements, this is not the logical and weight able excuse by the then government, and most importantly the opposition was already in action since the inception of PTI government against them.

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It is also noteworthy that the Imran khan narrative is not only to criticize the political opponents but also the media and other stakeholders which is very harmful to a country like Pakistan.
Another significant narrative that Imran khan tried to build was his comparison with Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, the former prime minister and founder of PPP, thus so there is no comparison between them owing to various reasons.
Pakistan has lost its worth at the international level because it may weaken our relations with those friendly countries like the gulf and china. Now there are hopes that the new government will bring fruits as UAE, US, China, India, Russia, and others have shown keen interest to work with the Shahbaz government.

There were also irresponsible statements from the then governmental sides regarding the CPEC which damaged the project.
Another kind of blunder which the then foreign minister of Pakistan Qureshi stated that they made negotiations between Hamas and Israel, which in the reality had no grounds.

Therefore, on the one hand, the so-called mantra of patriotism and nationalism and on the other hand, irresponsible discussions must be avoided. And serious matters of concern should be brought into the mainstream keeping foreign goals. It seemed that the previous government lived in a fantasy world, showing off using social media platforms that have damaged the country.
Pakistan is at a standstill status on economic and foreign fronts only because of steps taken by the previous government.

There is a dire need that the new government should avoid taking any kind of step which further deepens the situation. Instead, they must take all stakeholders on board and consensus should be made for the consistency of policies on major fronts.

Any kind of political polarization may be detrimental to the country’s economy, which is already in a precarious state. Since March of this year, relations with some friendly countries are at a low ebb. All economic and foreign policy challenges demand a national consensus among all stakeholders which is imperative for the country’s economic and political stability.

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