Pre-Partition #2 The Prehistory the Ancient Times

The most reliable evidence to the existence of prehistoric man everywhere around the globe are tools which he left behind.


The history of Indo-Pakistan goes back to the Stone Age. Ten million years ago, the common ancestors of both men and apes roamed the open woodland south of what is now Islamabad. Our own genus, Homo, a meat-eater and user of stone tools, was thought to have evolved here about two million years ago.

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According to the carbon dating of fossils liberally scattered along the banks of the Soan River, modern man the species Homo sapiens has been living here for at least 50,000 years.

About 9,000 years, man learned to name animals and plant crops, and farming villages dating from 6000-7000 BC have been excavated in Balochistan, the NWFP, and Punjab.

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