Sindh Assembly: Revelation of Corruption in Printing and Publication Budget

Corruption of 50 crore rupees revealed in Sindh Assembly's Printing and Publication budget.


Karachi: According to sources, a new case of corruption and irregularities has come to light in the Sindh Assembly.

It has been revealed that there is corruption of 50 crore rupees in the assembly’s Printing and Publication budget, leading the Senior Special Secretary to write a letter to the Speaker of the Sindh Assembly.

In the letter, the Senior Special Secretary has recommended sending the matter to the Anti-Corruption authorities.

The text of the letter further states that only 400 days of the 1,785 days of Sindh Assembly sessions over the past 38 years have records of reports and debates in print. 1,384 days of records are still pending, and many records have been lost.

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The letter also mentions that it is the responsibility of the Secretary of the Sindh Assembly to prepare a report on the proceedings of each session in accordance with the law.

M.H.M. Hasan Shah failed in executing the assembly’s activities and maintaining records.

Additional Secretary Habib Samejo revealed irregularities worth 50 crore rupees in the Printing and Publication budget.

As per sources, M.H.M. Hasan Shah was promoted unlawfully to the position of Senior Special Secretary.

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