Sloganeering at Masjid-i-Nabwi: Imran calls it spontaneous public reaction


The former prime minister PTI chairman Imran Khan has said that the act of hounding and sloganeering against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his delegation during their visit to Masjid-i-Nabwai was a spontaneous public reaction against the new government’s actions.

“What happened was due to their actions (from the new government) — the way they overthrew the [previous] government by becoming a part of a foreign plot. The way in which an NRO 2 (National Reconciliation Ordinance) was given by through that conspiracy [and] the most corrupt individuals were imposed on the country.

“This is the public reaction,” he said.

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Imran said overseas Pakistanis had come out openly “like never before” in Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom in protest over the overthrow of his government. “We’re not calling for them to come forward,” he said, adding that the numbers were unprecedented.

The people were coming out due to their pain at what had happened and they were angry, he stated.

Photo: Official FB page

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