Taiwan’s President Urges Cadets to Stand Firm Against China’s Threats

Lai Ching-te Highlights Taiwan's Resolve on Military Academy's 100th Anniversary.


Taiwan President Lai Ching-te emphasized the importance of resilience and vigilance in the face of China’s threats during a speech to military cadets in Kaohsiung on Sunday.

Lai declared that China’s pursuit of Taiwan’s annexation and the elimination of the Republic of China is a significant national cause for Beijing.

China’s Aggressive Stance

Since Lai assumed office last month, he has been the target of continuous attacks from China, which considers Taiwan its territory.

Following his inauguration, China conducted war games around Taiwan, heightening tensions. Despite Lai’s repeated offers for dialogue, Beijing has consistently refused to engage, labeling him a “separatist.”

Cadets Must Rise to the Challenge

Addressing the cadets on the 100th anniversary of the Whampoa Military Academy, Lai underscored the importance of understanding the challenges posed by China’s rise.

He called on the cadets to be prepared to defend Taiwan against potential aggression and to reject defeatist attitudes.

Historical Significance

The Whampoa Military Academy, established in Guangzhou in 1924 with Soviet support, aimed to create a professional military for the Republic of China.

Following the civil war and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the academy relocated to Taiwan, where it continues to train military personnel.

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Taiwan’s Sovereignty Stance

Lai reaffirmed that Taiwan’s future should be determined by its own people, reiterating that the island is already an independent country, the Republic of China. Despite China’s warnings that any move towards formal independence could provoke an attack, Taiwan maintains its stance on sovereignty.

China’s Unyielding Position

Wang Huning, a high-ranking Chinese Communist Party leader, recently stated that reunification with Taiwan is essential for China’s national rejuvenation, vowing to crush any separatist efforts.

The Taiwan Affairs Office did not comment on Lai’s latest remarks.

Defending Against Defeatism

Lai’s message to the cadets was clear: they must distinguish between allies and adversaries and remain resolute.

He rejected the notion that Taiwan would quickly succumb to a Chinese assault, urging the cadets to uphold their duty to protect Taiwan’s sovereignty.

The anniversary event was attended by senior military officials and the top US diplomat in Kaohsiung, Neil Gibson, highlighting international interest and support for Taiwan’s stance.

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