We must do better before criticising politicians: Mohammad Rizwan.

On the occasion of the country's diamond anniversary, Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Rizwan sent a significant message to his fans, urging them to practice a certain amount of self-reflection before criticising others.


Speaking during a Twitter Space held by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), “We should start looking at ourselves and what we’re doing instead of looking at our prime minister, our MNAs, and MPAs. We have to do better.”

He added that as a nation, the Pakistani people must change their way of life and continue to follow the order of Islam as a priority.

“People need to be truthful to Pakistan and then question other people,” he said.

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Talking about Pakistan’s match against India at the T20I World Cup, he said: During our match against India, I felt nothing as it was a normal match. I can’t express the love and support the nation bestowed upon me.”

Speaking of the problems facing Pakistani cricket internally, Rizwan said that “we continue to fight one another to find out who will be better for Pakistan, and sometimes we also use certain words against the other that I can’t say here”.

Even we are not happy when we lose. There are ups and downs, but we continue to try to make this country better. We should continue to strive for better outcomes for our country.”

During the space, Shadab Khan and skipper Babar Azam also took part. But Babar didn’t ask Rizwan any questions and came out after a while.

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