Danish Kaneria responds to Shahid Afridi for his remarks regarding India


Former Pakistan leg spinner Danish Kaneria said that “India is not an enemy”, rather than those who try to use religion.

This statement responds to the anti-India statement of former cricket player Shahid Afridi.

Afridi rejected Kaneria’s claims that he was mistreating him because he was a Hindu and led him to convert to Islam, saying that the latter “gave interviews to our enemy country that may induce religious feelings.”

Kaneria tweeted: India is not our enemy. Our enemies are those who incite others to religion.”

He also criticized Afridi, suggesting that he should not talk to an Indian channel if he sees India as an enemy.

“If you consider India as your enemy, then don’t ever go to any Indian media channel,” Kaneria wrote while mentioning Afridi in his Tweet.

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Kaneria said, “when I raised my voice against forced conversion, I was threatened that my career would be destroyed.”

The King Sixer has recently broken the silence on Kaneria’s allegations, saying that he was trying to fully comprehend the religion at the time to which the former player refers.

Criticizing the former leg spinner, the 42-year-old said that Kaneria slandered the country’s name by spot-fixing and put an end to his career himself. “He accuses me of obtaining cheap glory and money,” said Afridi.

Afridi said Kaneria was like a brother to him and he was always supportive.

He said that Kaneria made spot-fixing in England and was sentenced to it.

Former leg spinner faces a ban for being involved in a spot-fixing case.

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