Fact Book #75 What is the EU Digital Markets Act 2022?


The EU passed a new law called the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which regulates core digital platform services such as online search engines, web browsers, advertising services, social network services, and video sharing platforms.

What is the EU Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act?

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA) are extensive legislations implemented within the EU to tackle the issues presented by digital platforms. Their goal is to handle increasing worries surrounding competition, safeguarding consumer interests, and delineating the obligations of digital platforms in the online realm.

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What will the Digital Markets Act do?

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) aims to regulate large digital platforms that hold significant market power. It seeks to address concerns related to unfair competition, monopolistic practices, and the abuse of market dominance. The DMA includes provisions such as obligations for platform interoperability, restrictions on self-preferencing, and measures to ensure fair competition within digital markets.

Who are the gatekeepers of the Digital Markets Act?

In September 2023, the European Commission identified six major gatekeepers – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta, and Microsoft – offering a total of 22 essential platform services that meet the qualifications for regulation under the Digital Markets Act (DMA).


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