Fans boycott Israel’s media in FIFA World Cup in support of Palestine

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has been the subject of controversy since Qatar won the hosting rights in 2010. Western lobbies have played their part in raising questions about Qatar's ability to organize the mega-event, while they have been critical of the country's Islamic ideology.


While on the one hand, FIFA asserts that there is no room for politics in sport, it has become evident that politics is the driving force behind propaganda against the Middle Eastern country hosting the event.

Many fans worldwide have criticized the hypocrisy of the western world by raising questions about Qatar’s policies whereas their own countries have done exactly the same thing, if not a lot worse.

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One of these countries is Israel, which has perpetrated crimes against humanity in Palestine. It is common knowledge that most Islamic countries do not have good relations with Israel and the majority of the Muslim population worldwide speaks out against the oppression of the Palestinians by Israel.

Muslims around the world boycotted Israeli media while a number of videos of Muslims refusing to give interviews surfaced on social media.

A number of videos went viral on Twitter as the people expressed their solidarity with Palestine by refusing to interact with journalists from Israel.

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