Fasting for 14 Hours a Day Can Improve Mood, Study Suggests

According to a new study, fasting for 14 hours a day may lead to reduced hunger, increased energy, and improved mood.


London: Results from a study conducted at King’s College London reveal that limiting the eating to 10 hours (for example, eating between 9 am and 7 pm) could have positive effects on health.

Some proponents of intermittent fasting restrict their eating to as short as 8 hours (for instance, from 11 am to 5 pm). However, the latest research suggests that even a less restrictive eating can have positive effects on mood, energy, and appetite.

Researchers utilized the ZOE app, where participants input daily details about their health. Over 37,000 individuals participated in the app, with instructions to follow a regular eating pattern for one week and then limit their eating window to 10 hours for the following 14 days.

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Participants were also encouraged to input details about their mood, energy levels, and hunger during the study period.

The analysis revealed that individuals practicing a 14-hour daily fast reported better energy levels, improved mood, and reduced hunger.

Dr. Sara Berry, a researcher affiliated with King’s College London, emphasized that this study, conducted outside a controlled environment, is one of the largest to demonstrate the potential health benefits of intermittent fasting in real-world settings.

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