Homage paid to Baloch poet


Rich homage was paid to the Baloch poet, Mir Gul Khan Nasir Mengal, on the occasion of his 108th anniversary at a seminar bringing together politicians and literary figures from various regions of Balochistan.

Organized in memory of him and other literary figures from Balochistan, Shama Perveen Magsi, Dr. Ambreen Mengal, Jan Buledi, Waheed Zaheer and Shako Mengal attended the event.

Some participants read his Balochi and Brahui poems as a way of remembering him on his anniversary.

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“Although Gul Khan Nasir has been gone a long time his name is still alive,” said Magsi adding that there should be “a museum in his name for the preservation and exhibition of his literary works in Balochistan.”

According to Dr. Ambreen Mengal, a writer based in Quetta: “To understand Gul Khan’s poetry, one had to delve deeply into the sea of his poetry, which is about persons, the poor, the working class and against injustice.

“Once he went on Nushki’s hunting trip, but he was so fond of poetry that he brought back in his chador some stones on which he wrote couplets, said Yar Jan Badini, who organized the event at Quetta Press Club.

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