IHC asks govt to reveal details of gifts received by former PM


The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday ordered the federal government to release details of the gifts received by former Prime Minister Imran Khan during his official visits abroad. During a hearing of a petition challenging the decision of the former Pakistani Tehreek-e-Institute (PTI) government to keep the details of these gifts secret, the IHC has directed the federal government to come forward with its response within two weeks. IHC also said that information concerning gifts should be shared with the petitioner as there was no stay order regarding the disclosure of information concerning gifts. The court noted that there should not be a policy of buying these gifts from the state at a meager cost. “Such a policy means that these gifts are for sale,” the judge added. According to Justice Mian Gul Hassan Aurangzeb, gifts given to government representatives by foreign governments belong to the State of Pakistan and not to certain individuals. “These gifts are not for home,” he said, adding that these gifts would have to be picked up if someone had brought them home. “People are going back and forth, but the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan is permanent”. the IHC judge said. Justice Aurangzeb said that if there was a need for constitutional interpretation concerning these gifts, the high court was prepared to assist. The deputy attorney general has requested more time from the court due to the new government. He said that the Establishment Division was in contact with the government and that once guidelines were issued, the Court would be informed. Justice Aurangzeb stated that the government should develop a policy that would be acceptable to everybody.

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