Long march to Islamabad on May 25: Imran Khan


The chairman of PTI Imran Khan, during a press conference in Peshawar on Sunday, announced that his party’s long march towards Islamabad for the “country’s battle for real freedom” will start on 25 May.

“Today we made important decisions in the meeting of the core committee of our party Imran said,” flanked by the senior leadership of the party, said at the outset of the press conference. The more important question was when to begin the long march, and we decided.

“I want to talk a bit about how we got to this point. There was an American plot against Pakistan. As part of this regime change, they used locals. — the most corrupt people, who were willing to take part in any conspiracy to save their corruption.

This conspiracy was made eight months ago and I was alerted to it in June, and after August, I knew everything that was going on. We did our best that somehow this plot could be hatched but unfortunately, we failed to stop it.”

The Chairman of the PTI explained in detail his allegations of conspiracy and the purpose of his march prior to announcing the date.

On the 25th [of May] I will see you in Islamabad on the Srinagar Highway,” Imran said speaking to his supporters and party workers. “You have to reach there at 3 pm. I invite all the women because I’ve seen your emotions. I I’ve never seen such a thing.

Imran said the march would turn into a sit-in and continue until his claims are accepted. “We will never under any situation accept them. Regardless of the length of our stay in Islamabad, we will remain there.”

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‘Early elections main demand’

‘NA dissolution, early polls main demands’

He stated that the march would have two main demands: when the assemblies would be dissolved and a date for the election.

The former prime minister asked for a fair and transparent election and said that if the nation brings back the current government, he will accept it. “But no foreign country will be able to force them on us,” he added.

‘Imran asks military to remain impartial’

With regard to the military establishment, he said, “I also tell my army that you said you’re neutral, so remain neutral.”

However, he said that he wanted to invite everybody to the march, including the families of public servants, military personnel, and former military personnel.

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