Maryam Nawaz unhappy with Shireen Mazari’s detention


The vice-president of PML-N, Maryam Nawaz, responded on Saturday to the arrest of Shireen Mazari, leader of PTI and former minister of human rights, stating that she was “not happy” about it.

Speaking to the PML-N social media team, Maryam said: “I was unhappy to learn of Mazari’s arrest, but I saw on TV that the case against her was registered during the Buzdar government and that it was linked to an 800-acre state-owned property.”

Maryam stated that the anti-corruption department had detained Mazari, adding that “they had to have their reasons.” “I saw on TV that the PTI was using the woman card [in defense of Mazari],” she said. “You [PTI leaders] should not be using the woman card because when I was arrested twice- with no charges laid against me—I didn’t use the woman’s card or the victim’s card.

On the other hand, there are serious allegations against Mazari. ” Maryam noted that she was held in Adiala jail for four months, although the authorities had “no case” against her.

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The vice-president of PML-N continued by saying that Mazari should provide evidence and prove that the allegations are false. “If the allegations are proven wrong, and she is innocent, then I promise that I will stand by her,” said PML-N’s vice president.

Speaking of her arrest, Maryam said she was meeting with ex-prime minister and PML-N supremo at the Kot Lakhpat prison when a team from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) came to take her into custody in 2019.

Reprimanding the PTI government, Maryam said that no case was registered against her for four months. The vice president of PML-N noted that even though Mazari was arrested by female police officials, “I was arrested by men both times when I was put in jail.” “During my captivity at NAB, male officers would burst into my room at 12am and film videos.

The then-NAB DG had directed the police officers to barge into my room,” Maryam said, warning that she would disclose details about her captivity when the time comes.

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