Mishi Khan apologises to Aamir Liaquat for her harsh remarks


Popular movie actress Mishi Khan, who had recorded a video message telling Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain to get “a cure for her brain” has now posted a new video apologizing to the televangelist for her harsh remarks.

The former PTI lawmaker was found dead at his home in Karachi on Thursday and was buried in the graveyard of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, after which many people were saddened.

Following outrageous videos of Hussain leaked by his third wife Dania Shah, he said on 15 May that he wanted to “leave the country”.

In a rather emotional address to the public, he denied Shah’s statements that he was drinking alcohol. He also said that he had been living “with a heavy heart”

In response to his decision to leave Pakistan, Mishi Khan posted a video message stating that people would be more than happy to see him leave the country.

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In the video, she also said that if Hussain had said “God forbid” to her what he had said about Junaid Jamshed’s mother, she would have “broken her face.”

She added that Hussain “was no longer respectful” in the country and “should leave as soon as possible.”

However, two days after her sudden death, Khan released a new video apologizing for her “mistakes” claiming she is also human.

The watery-eyed actress said she admired Hussain for his intelligence and knowledge and chose the “bad words” against him out of impulsivity.

Khan said it was profoundly apologetic for her words. “I am speechless. I have no words,” she said in a broken tone.

“We will never forget him,” she stated at the end.

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