Most BAP leaders change side before elections: Kamal

Jam Kamal Khan Alyani, former Balochistan chief minister has stated that a significant portion of Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) leaders will leave the party and join national-level political parties.


He said that a few senators and other individuals would stay in BAP for the upcoming general elections. He also stated that he would join a national political party.

On Thursday, Mr. Alyani stated that the purpose of forming BAP did not come to fruition and everyone in the party used it as a means of achieving personal gain.

The party was founded with sincerity and the leaders pledged to work together for the development of Balochistan as a priority and to solve the problems of the people at the provincial level, this objective could not be achieved, as stated by Mr. Alyani, who was the first president of BAP. He mentioned that there are currently no serious attempts by party leaders to make BAP a functional and stronger party, and the party lacks provincial or central offices, even in Quetta despite having a strength of five MNAs and six senators.

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He stated that BAP’s own government for the past year did not play a role at the organizational level or in the development of the province, adding that the provincial government did not initiate projects to rehabilitate populations hard hit by last year’s massive floods.

Mr. Alyani asserted that his government initiated different development projects to benefit the people of the province.

In a coalition government, you have to compromise on certain matters, but you cannot make promises on certain things that undermine your respect, honour and interests of the province,” Mr Alyani said.

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