No possibility of martial law in country: Imran

Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, dismissed the possibility of martial law in the country, saying that military rule is imposed after having determined whether or not the masses would accept it.


“If the public is not with you, how is it possible to impose martial law”.

Khan stated that they would not follow any more Constitution if elections were not held within 90 days. “Without the Constitution, there is no country,” he said.

The head of the PTI said his adversaries were waiting for his party to be weakened or arrested or “assassinated”.

“The situation is very bad and the mafia is jointly trying to split the judiciary for their personal interests,” said Khan.

The former prime minister went on to say that the human rights situation was getting worse and that the police were arresting political workers and treating them like terrorists. He said that people had become aware and it was now impossible to manipulate the situation.

Turning to the former governments of the coalition parties in power over the last 30 years, Khan said that Pakistan has experienced an economic downturn while India and Bangladesh have advanced.

Khan said the country’s economy was improving when his government was in power, but unfortunately, it was evicted. “I kept giving the benefit of doubt to General Bajwa but later I realised that he was the only man behind the conspiracy against me and my government,” he added.

“I met a head of state in a Middle Eastern country and he asked me whether Bajwa was with me,” he said, emphasizing that this was quite surprising to him.

The former prime minister said that he would reform the bureaucracy and the judiciary and strengthen governance if he came back to power.

“I will adopt the concept of truth and reconciliation the way Nelson Mandela did.”

He said that if the PTI returned to power, it would find new ways to attract investment to the country and would facilitate the overseas Pakistanis. He said that they would reduce spending and they would do everything possible to reform the governance system.

To another matter, which would be the minister of finance of the PTI government, Imran said the Democratic Movement of Pakistan (PDM) failed but Shaukat Tarin would be the next finance minister.

When asked who would be Punjab’s next chief minister, he said that he had no idea until now.

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He attacked the PDM, said they covered things up, and told lies.

Our government’s growth rate was 6 percent. This means generating wealth. And then they got rid of our government,” he said.

In answer to another question about whether he would still be on the road if elections were not held within 90 days, Imran Khan said the results were clear because the PDM had collapsed and it was the aim of their fight that the people get justice.

He said that people were aware of their rights and that it was a good time to be ready for the protests. He also asked the lawyers about the rule of law.

“We were not angry about dissolving our assemblies and now we keep quiet and see these people,” said Imran, adding that the Constitution guaranteed elections within 90 days but the PDM fled. In delaying the elections, he stated that the PDM had violated the Constitution.

Khan said the country would collapse into the Banana Republic if the rule of law was not assured. He said that they had decided to dissolve the meetings, keeping in mind that elections would be held under the law.

The country’s economy, he said, was in decline and the PDM wanted to delay the elections and seek options to remove the PTI from its path. They were waiting for loans to successfully execute their plans to get the PTI out of the race.

The overseas Pakistanis, particularly those in the United Arab Emirates, have put $10.4 billion into it, he said, adding that they wanted to invest in the country, but that this could not be done without the rule of law.

There were four groups in our party and we brought Usman Buzdar because he had nothing to do with a bloc. Buzdar was shy in the media and was a straight person while his predecessor in Punjab Shehbaz Sharif was implicated in many cases of corruption,” he said.

He said that he never felt depressed though he was hit, saying that he spent four months at home and was restricted to a room.

“I was not raised in a military nursery like Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif as I had my own party and interacted with the public,” said the PTI chief.

He said that he made a lot of mistakes in his life and that he miscalculated the fate of those two families. Khan also voiced a lack of confidence in the provisional implementation in Punjab and the KP, saying he had no idea that the interim government would be behind the attacks on his household and the party workers.

“The PDM is losing because it will lose as the elections take place,” said the PTI chief, adding that his party had massive support.

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