Scientists create remotely operated cyborg cockroaches

A team of scientists has developed remotely-controlled cockroaches that are in part insects and machine parts and have battery-powered backpacks powered by solar panels, the CNET said.


Cyborgs will act like small-scale environmental researchers. They are also intended to assist with lifesaving missions after natural disasters.

The insect’s nervous system is linked to the controller by securing it to its antennae and cerci (posterior sensory organs).

According to the research published in the journal npj Flexible Electronics, the power of the cyborg is 50 times greater than that of any previous device.

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Scientists can monitor the cyborg’s legs from a distance. The study pointed out that the ultra-fine solar “panels” on the back of the cockroach do not come in their way.

When a button is activated, the sensory organs of the cockroach receive electric pulses. The impact makes possible the displacement of the cyborg.

Although the machine currently uses a rechargeable battery, scientists want to get rid of it because insects have to be used at critical times when greater durability is needed.

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