State-Owned Enterprises’ Privatization Urgency Emphasized by SIFC to Ensure Timely Milestones

Committee Affirms Dedication to Enhance Investment Environment, Directs Sustainable Policy Moves for Investor-Friendly Ecosystem


Apex Committee of SIFC Pushes for Timely Privatization of SOEs

In Islamabad, the Apex Committee of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) convened its 10th meeting under the leadership of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

This crucial gathering brought together key stakeholders, including federal and provincial officials, alongside the Chief of the Army Staff.

The primary focus of the meeting was to emphasize the urgent need for achieving privatization milestones for various state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The committee underscored the importance of collaborating with relevant stakeholders to ensure these milestones are met promptly.

Assessment of Progress and Future Plans

During the meeting, comprehensive progress reports were presented by ministries on various projects and policy initiatives steered through the platform of SIFC. Encouragingly, the committee expressed satisfaction with the overall progress achieved thus far.

There was a unanimous appreciation for the role played by federal ministries, provincial governments, and associated departments in realizing the envisioned dividends. The committee also commended SIFC’s facilitation efforts in improving the country’s macro-economic conditions.

Focus on Investor-Friendly Ecosystem

A crucial aspect highlighted in the meeting was the commitment to enhancing the investment ecosystem. The committee reiterated the need for sustainable policy initiatives to make the environment more conducive to investment.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif shared insights on the interest expressed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE in investing through SIFC, indicating a positive outlook for future collaborations.

He stressed the government’s determination to expedite initiatives through a comprehensive approach, ensuring economic stability.

Capacity Building and Investment Facilitation

In line with efforts to attract investments, discussions centered on enhancing government capacity by hiring specialized experts and consultants.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif emphasized the vast potential in the country’s mineral reserves and urged proactive measures to capitalize on these resources.

Additionally, swift action was urged to facilitate investments from the UAE and other countries, with a clear warning against any delay or lethargy in the process.

The meeting underscored the importance of timely privatization of SOEs and reiterated the commitment to enhancing the investment ecosystem.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed optimism regarding potential investments from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The government’s proactive stance towards capacity building and investment facilitation reflects its dedication to driving economic growth and prosperity.

What is SIFC?

In Pakistan, SIFC refers to the “Special Investment Facilitation Council.” It is a governmental organization tasked with facilitating investment activities and fostering economic growth in the country. SIFC likely works to streamline investment processes, attract both domestic and foreign investors, and implement policies aimed at creating a favorable environment for business and economic development. The council may collaborate with various stakeholders, including government agencies, private sector entities, and international organizations, to achieve its objectives and drive sustainable economic progress in Pakistan.

What is SOEs?

SOEs” stands for “State-Owned Enterprises.”

These are businesses or corporations that are owned and operated by the government. In the context of Pakistan, SOEs could include entities such as nationalized industries, government-owned utilities, transportation companies, or any other business enterprises that are fully or partially owned by the state.

These enterprises play significant roles in various sectors of the economy, ranging from energy and infrastructure to telecommunications and manufacturing. The privatization of SOEs is often a topic of discussion in economic policy circles, as it can have implications for efficiency, competition, and government revenue.



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