China says ceasing cooperation with United States on several issues

China on Friday announced it was cancelling different defense meetings and deferring important climate talks with the US following a tour by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan the current week.


Beijing “will suspend the climate change talks between China and the United States” and does not plan a conference call between military leaders as well as two security meetings, the ministry of foreign affairs declared, citing Pelosi’s”disdain for the strong opposition of China and harsh representations” during the visit of Taiwan.

China and the United States, the world’s two largest carbon emitters, unveiled a surprise climate deal at the COP26 summit in Glasgow last year.

They committed to work together to accelerate climate action during this decade, and committed to meet regularly to “address the climate crisis”.

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China considers Taiwan part of its territory and has pledged to take it someday, by force if necessary.

Beijing reacted with grandiloquent threats and military exercises during the period preceding and following the visit of Pelosi which it considers to be an unacceptable escalation of ties between Washington and the current separatist leaders of Taiwan.

The ministry of foreign affairs announced on Friday that it is suspending its cooperation with Washington on the repatriation of illegal migrants, legal aid, and transnational crime, as well as drug enforcement.

It said earlier that there would be unspecified sanctions against Pelosi and her family.

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