Forty-year-old man drinks water after 20 years


A supermarket worker in the United Kingdom, drank water after 20 years of survival on Pepsi every day.

Andy Curie, 41, drank as much as 10 liters of soft drink every day for 20 years. However, he claimed to have overcome this habit after being hypnotized, according to the Daily Mail.

Currie could drink up to 30 cans a day, which cost him 20 pounds a day, or 7,000 pounds a year (over Rs1.9 million ).

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The man said he became addicted to soft drinks when he was 20 years old.

‘I work nights and have always enjoyed the sugar rush. I took four to five two-liter bottles of Pepsi every day,” said Currie. “Because I work at Tesco, I could buy it right away after work and bring it home.”

However, Currie decided to end his habit when doctors told him he might have diabetes and luckily, he got rid of it after seeing a hypnotist.

The hypnotist identified him as having a restrictive dietary impairment.

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