Father’s Day: Video of Dua Zahra’s father sobbing


On Father’s Day, several videos and photographs about gifts and wishes went viral, as did a video of Dua Zahra’s father, Mehdi Kazmi, who was crying and missing his daughter.

The viral video shows Dua’s dad crying on a sofa. After the video went viral, a number of comments and social media posts were circulated for the bereaved father.

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Social media users were expecting Zahra and her parents to meet after the video was broadcast.

Actress Yumna Zaidi also posted a photo of Mehdi Kazmi and wished him a happy Father’s Day, and congratulated him on being a great dad.

On 8 June, the Sindh High Court issued an order in Dua Zahra’s case, allowing her to choose with whom she wishes to reside.

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