Free Google-Certified IT Courses Available for Karachi Youth

Governor Sindh Launches Free IT Education for Karachi Youth: Expands to Hyderabad.


Governor Sindh Muhammad Kamran Khan Tessori has initiated a groundbreaking program to provide free IT education to the youth of Karachi.

Currently, 50,000 young people in Karachi are benefiting from this initiative.

Moreover, similar programs will soon be launched in Hyderabad, where over 26,000 eager learners have already enrolled.

At a recent event titled “School in a New Light,” organized by Tech Valley Pakistan, Governor Tessori emphasized the need for equal educational opportunities for all.

The event was attended by key figures such as Umar Farooq from Tech Valley Pakistan and the Chief Operating Officer of Beaconhouse School, who witnessed this historic announcement.

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Governor Tessori announced plans to collaborate with Umar Farooq to ensure that students completing IT courses at Governor House receive Google certification.

He called on philanthropists and sponsors to support this cause, highlighting its transformative impact on the youth.

Students enrolled in IT courses at Governor House start earning dollars within six months of beginning the program.

Governor Tessori plans to expand these courses to other cities, aiming to provide a brighter future for countless young minds across the region.

This initiative is not just about teaching technical skills; it’s about opening doors to global job opportunities and improving economic conditions.

By equipping young people with modern technological skills, Governor Tessori aims to bridge the gap between them and the ever-evolving job market.

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