Indian Missiles Used in Israeli Attack on UN Refugee Camp in Gaza

Revelations Highlight Dangerous India-Israel Alliance Amid Ongoing Aggression in Gaza,


According to media reports, it has been revealed that Indian missiles were used in an Israeli attack on a United Nations refugee camp in Gaza.

The ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza has entered its 244th day, with Israel’s terrorism against innocent Palestinians continuing unabated.

India, under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, is a staunch supporter of these Israeli attacks, demonstrating his anti-Muslim stance.

In a brutal bombing by the Israeli army on the UN-run Nasirat refugee camp in Palestine, 40 innocent Palestinians were martyred, and over 100 were injured.

The attack saw the use of Indian-made missiles, identifiable by the “Made in India” label on the weaponry.

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In January 2024, the Indian defense company Munitions India Limited supplied ammunition and explosives to Israel.

Indian media reports that Munitions India Limited is considering a second shipment of weapons to Israel.

Additionally, drones from the Adani Group were sent from India to Israel earlier this year and were used against unarmed Muslims in Gaza.

The use of Indian missiles in Palestine underscores the dangerous alliance between India and Israel, pushing the world towards a perilous conflict.

This war, starting from Gaza, threatens to engulf the entire region and aligns with the Greater Israel agenda.

History shows that Israel’s wars aim to seize more Muslim territories. Modi’s vision of an Akhand Bharat (Undivided India) and Greater Israel are two sides of the same coin.

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