Global Youth Convention 2024 in South Africa | 40 Fully Funded Slots

Global Youth Convention 2024 in South Africa | 40 Fully Funded Slots


It’s more than just an occasion; it’s a dynamic movement. This represents one of the most substantial fully-supported conferences globally, boasting 40 fully-funded slots, 10 partially-funded positions, and self-financed opportunities. In the past, GYC 2023 took place in Morocco.

At the 2024 GYC, participants are in for a profound educational encounter via workshops and interactive sessions. They’ll delve deeper into comprehending the UN’s SDGs, brainstorming innovative solutions for worldwide challenges, and acquiring the insights and tools needed to actively participate in civic life.

Emphasizing leadership development, the aim is to assist participants in honing their skills, grasping effective leadership styles, and learning how to inspire and mobilize others towards shared objectives. The youth summit offers a distinctive chance to immerse oneself in global policymaking, enabling active contributions to shaping policies advocating sustainable development.

Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance (HISA) is dedicated to forging a future where operational methods genuinely heed people’s needs. We empower young individuals with the means and knowledge to effect change in their communities. Join us to construct systems that encompass everyone, operate efficiently, and ensure every voice is heard.

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GYC South Africa 2024 revolves around teamwork, effective communication, and connecting with a global community of compassionate individuals. Dive in and contribute to making the world a better place!

The Global Youth Convention 2024 surpasses being a mere event; it serves as your springboard for personal and professional advancement. Envision acquiring fresh skills, establishing connections within a global network, and gaining the confidence to confront global challenges. When you engage with HISA GYC, it transcends mere attendance; it’s about becoming part of a community committed to leaving a lasting impact and shaping a future grounded in sustainability and inclusivity. Your journey toward positive change commences right here!


Advantages of participating in the Global Youth Convention 2024 in South Africa:

Fully Funded Opportunity: All expenses covered by the organization
Round-trip airfare provided,
Shared 4-star accommodation,
Meals during the convention,
GYC 2024 merchandise,
Exclusive access pass to the GYC 2024,
Opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals worldwide,
Graduation certificates enhancing your career profile,
Polishing of professional skills in various dimensions,
Opportunity to explore South African culture.

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