Google asks Chrome users to update browser right away because of security risk

Google has asked its users to update their browsers after setting 27 security vulnerabilities, reported India today.


The company encourages users to upgrade browsers immediately because it has found 11 more security loopholes in Google Chrome.

In its recent blog post, Google announced details of the lastest update stating that the new Chrome 104.0.5112.102/101 version was for Windows and 104.0.5112.101 for Mac and Linux.

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Of 11 security vulnerabilities, the company described one as “critical”, six as “severe”, and the remaining three as “severe average”.

Google hasn’t shared much detail about the critical issues. It conceded however that CVE-2022-2856 might have a predator out there somewhere.

This means that hackers are prepared to use the bug to commit crimes. As a result, the upgrade now available for Windows, Mac and Linux are highly encouraged.

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