Population decline: Russia to give 1m rubles to woman who has 10 children

Russia's government has decided to give a million rubles to women who will give birth and raise 10 children to increase the country's population, CNBC reported.


The government brings back the honorary title “Mother Heroine” after having seen a decline in the younger population since its invasion of Ukraine.

To figure out the size of the prize money, convert it to the Pakistani rupee and it makes Rs3,637,750.

In order to receive the prize, children must be received sufficient care, education, and “physical, spiritual and moral development”.

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They will also be subject to evaluation. No details of the evaluation have been provided.

According to the CNBC report, the laureates will receive a five-point star medal.

The honorary title “Heroin Mother” was developed during the Second World War by Joseph Stalin. An enormous population was lost to the war, according to the Moscow Times.

The title has the same importance as other top State awards as “Hero of Russia”.

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