Google offers computer and digital marketing courses for students in Pakistan

Google, along with its corporate partners, has introduced career certificates with 15,000 scholarships to close the gap between young people and the digital sector.


Pakistan is a nation that has enormous potential for growth in the digital industry but lacks the exposure, training, and education necessary to impact the economy through technology.

With the introduction of the latest innovations, young people are inclined to learn about new technologies and innovations, but there are several barriers to attaining the education required especially in rural areas.

But organisations such as Google, P@SHA, Institute of Rural Management (IRM), and Ignite have decided to play a pivotal role in guiding young minds on how to realize their dream of building a career in technology.

AlphaBeta, a strategic economics consultancy, reported that digital technologies have the ability to create an annual economic value of Rs9.7 trillion (USD 59.7 billion) by 2030.

Pakistan’s ICT sector has recorded encouraging growth with an annual income growth rate of 20-30% over the last decade.

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Courses have been released by Coursera and have targeted six areas which include data analytics, IT support, IT automation, project management, UX Design, and digital marketing and e-commerce.

The scholarship program would help underserved students and rural residents develop digital skills.

For a while, Google has been very active in giving people the right skills to embrace new opportunities.

Grow with Google (GwG) is one such initiative in which 54 million people have received training in the Asia-Pacific region alone.

In these situations, practical initiatives were needed to nourish talented minds and unleash their passion for technology.

Pakistan’s President, Dr. Arif Alvi, also urged young people to take advantage of these courses and learn to grow in the digital ecosystem, which would help enhance their careers.

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