Kerala Exit Poll 2024: BJP Set to Win Zero Seats

Kerala's exit poll for 2024 shows that the BJP won't secure a single seat in the state


The majority of exit polls predicted that the BJP would finally win in Kerala in the Lok Sabha Election Exit Poll Results 2024 on Saturday. However, according to a local exit poll conducted on Sunday, it would be impossible for the BJP to win any of the 20 constituencies in the southern state.

What was the accuracy of the exit polls in 2019? According to 13 exit polls in 2019, the combined total for the NDA and UPA was predicted to be 306 and 120, respectively. However, this underestimated the NDA’s performance, as they won 353 seats in total. The UPA got 93. Out of these, the BJP was victorious with 303 seats, and the Congress with 52.

Do you have a prediction for this election? On Monday, Jammu and Kashmir BJP spokesperson Altaf Thakur expressed optimism that the party would perform better in the Lok Sabha election results than the exit polls were predicting, as reported by PTI news agency.

Thakur stated that the masses have opted for unity, self-respect, and the development of our nation this time.

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Additionally, he predicted that the saffron party’s ‘Abki Baar 400 Paar’ slogan would become a reality.

Congress viewing exit polls with ‘skepticism’, INDIA bloc will win 295 seats: Shashi Tharoor

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said on Monday that the party was viewing the exit polls with skepticism and disbelief.

“We are skeptical and disbelieving about the results of the exit poll. We also carried out campaigns nationwide. We have an idea of what the people are feeling, and we don’t think this poll accurately reflects it,” Tharoor stated.

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