Pakistan-China Business Forum Enters into Agreements to Enhance Bilateral Trade

Pakistan-China Business Forum Forges Agreements to Strengthen Bilateral Trade Relations.


Pakistan-China Business Forum Seals 32 MoUs to Boost Trade and Investment Relations

At the recent Pakistan-China Business Forum in Shenzhen, Minister Abdul Aleem Khan announced the signing of thirty-two Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), signaling a significant step towards enhancing bilateral trade and investment ties between the two nations.

With 500 Chinese companies and 100 Pakistani companies in attendance, fruitful negotiations led to promising agreements.

During Prime Minister’s visit to China, detailed discussions centered around promoting business activities, further solidifying the partnership.

Ministers for Investment and Commerce engaged with CEOs of major Chinese firms, underlining the potential for increased Chinese investment in Pakistan.

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Khan stressed the importance of this platform for fostering long-term business relationships.

Additionally, he assured full support for Chinese companies venturing into various sectors, emphasizing opportunities in energy, infrastructure, agriculture, and logistics.

Noting the enthusiastic participation of Pakistani entrepreneurs, Khan highlighted investment prospects in industries like tourism, textiles, and aviation.

He reiterated Pakistan’s vast potential and abundant resources, asserting that robust business activities would drive economic growth and create job opportunities.

Consultative meetings with key Chinese business groups aimed to refine bilateral proposals and strengthen cooperation further.

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