Putin Warns of Nuclear Response if Russia’s Security is Threatened

President Putin: Western Nations Misjudge Russia's Nuclear Resolve.


Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Western countries believe Moscow would never use nuclear weapons. However, according to Russia’s nuclear doctrine, if the country’s security and sovereignty are threatened, the use of any weapon is acceptable.

President Putin made these remarks while responding to questions from foreign journalists.

In response to an American journalist’s question about the results of the Ukraine war so far, Putin said that Russia has fulfilled its duty to those who endured military coups and are facing the conflict in southeastern Ukraine.

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Putin emphasized that to end the war, Western countries must stop supplying weapons to Ukraine and refrain from obstructing the peace process.

Answering another question, President Putin noted that NATO experts are involved in and being targeted in the Ukraine conflict.

He asserted that Russia will enhance its defense and consider providing weapons to target locations from where missiles are being supplied to Ukraine.

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