Palestine Situation: Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Meeting Set for October 24th

The Senate's Foreign Affairs Committee has scheduled a meeting for October 24th to address the issue of Israeli aggression on Palestine.


In light of the ongoing situation in the Middle East, the committee will be reviewing possible options for Pakistan, with a specific focus on the Palestine policy.

Additionally, briefings have been directed towards Canada and India regarding the escalating tensions. The relevant foreign affairs officials have been apprised of the schedule and agenda for the meeting.

The Foreign Ministry has been instructed to ensure that all pertinent details of the situation arising from Israeli incursions into Palestine are made available.

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Furthermore, separate briefings have been provided to Canada and India on the matter of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh’s killing.

It should be noted that recent allegations of India’s involvement in the killing of Hardeep Singh, a proponent of Sikh separatism, have strained diplomatic relations between Canada and India.

In light of these developments, Canada and India are expected to be included in discussions regarding the ongoing tensions between Pakistan and India.

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