Taking financial assistance from foreign companies wasn’t against law in 2012: Imran on ECP verdict in prohibited funding case

PTI chief and ex- 0rime minister Imran Khan on Thursday responded to the verdict of the Election Commission of Pakistan in the prohibited funding case claiming it was not illegal to take money from foreign companies in 2012.


Speaking to supporters via video link, he claimed that PTI was the only party that raised funds through political fundraisers, in contrast to other parties (PML-N and PPP) which, according to him, were run by “mafias”.

His comments come a few days after ECP declared PTI to be a “foreign-funded party”. It found that PTI had “wilfully” and “knowingly” received prohibited funding, including a number of foreign donors.

In its order, the commission also stated that it was “constrained to conclude that Imran Khan had not fulfilled his obligations under the laws of Pakistan”.

Lashing out at the commission, Imran said that all over the world, political parties raised funds by hosting dinners. He explained that the donations from those events were subsequently returned to the party.

“Ask them why they are not doing this. I will tell you…because they know that nobody will give them any money.

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In response to all the accusations against him and his party today, the PTI chief said that his party received the money in 2012 from two fundraising dinners hosted by Arif Naqvi.

Referring to the Financial Times report, he pointed out that the businessman was accused of fraud six years later in 2018 and asked how he would have known by 2012.

Imran said that there was nothing wrong with the PTI receiving money from a foreign company in Naqvi in 2012, given that it was still permissible at the time adding that it did not become unlawful until later in 2017.

In addition, he claimed that PTI was the only party that collected funds through political fundraisers, unlike other parties (PML-N and PPP) which, according to him, were run by “mafias”.

“All over the world, political parties raise money by hosting dinners,” he explained, explaining that donations during these events were later donated to the party.

Dressed in scarves and red and green bands, the crowd shouted slogans against the electorate body and demanded the resignation of all its officials.

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