Tea or Coffee: Sugar Consumption Likely Does Not Adversely Affect Health, Research

Study Suggests Adding Sugar to Tea or Coffee Does Not Have Adverse Effects on Overall Health.


Copenhagen: According to research conducted by scientists in Denmark, the addition of sugar to tea or coffee is not associated with potential negative effects on overall health.

In accordance with guidelines issued by the National Health Services (NHS), sugar consumption in tea or coffee should be reduced until it is completely eliminated. However, a new study found no significant link between sugar added to beverages and increased risk of diabetes or premature death.

The research, conducted by Dutch, Danish, and British scientists, analyzed data from 2,923 individuals gathered from the Copenhagen Male Study, a study of men’s health conducted since the 1970s. While it was unclear how much sugar these individuals added to their hot beverages, those who admitted to adding sugar to their tea or coffee did not show an increased likelihood of health issues.

The researchers reported that the addition of sugar to tea and coffee did not show any clear association with mortality, whether from any cause, cardiovascular-related deaths, cancer, or diabetes.

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As per the study’s authors, there was no significant relationship found between adding sugar to tea or coffee and deaths caused by heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. The study also examined the health of the participants’ hearts and lungs and collected information on their lifestyle.

During the medical examinations, the participants’ blood pressure, height, and weight were measured. Additionally, one of the questionnaires inquired about their consumption of tea and coffee and whether they added sugar to these beverages.

All participants in the study were free from heart disease, cancer, or type 2 diabetes at the time of inclusion. Furthermore, the researchers only included individuals who reported consuming tea or coffee.

The study provides valuable insights into the effects of adding sugar to hot beverages and suggests that such consumption may not have as significant an impact on overall health as previously thought.

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