Three suspects arrested for killing Jazlan Faisal


Three suspects — a father and his two sons — have been apprehended for the killing of a youth, Jazlan Faisal, who has shot dead three days ago over a petty issue in a major private housing in Karachi.

Two other suspects are still fleeing the case that shocked Karachi.

On Thursday, 19-year-old Jazlan left for his friend Ibrahim’s home where they planned to conduct a combined study with other friends. Upon completion of the study, they decided to leave. They were travelling on Jinnah Avenue when they saw a young man driving a motorcycle in a very “dangerous” way when he was close to striking their car.

Jazlan and his friends expressed their anger at the young man’s rash riding, who reportedly began to use abusive language.

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The rider immediately telephoned his brothers. While Jazlan and his friends were leaving in a car, they saw they were being followed by the motorcyclist and another car.

When they arrived at the Eiffel Tower of Bahria Town, the suspects that were traveling in the car caught up with their vehicle and opened fire on them.

Jazlan and his friend Shah Mir were shot and wounded while their friend Zargam remained unhurt.

Jazlan was hit on the head and passers-by took him and Shah Mir to the hospital where Jazlan succumbed to his injuries.

The victim was a resident of University Road in Karachi. He had lived with his grandmother and uncle after his father’s death.

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