Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan – May 28, 2024


KARACHI—On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, the 24-karat gold rate was PKR 242,300. Similarly, the bullion market recorded the gold price for 24-karat at Rs 207,740 per 10g.


Note: It is pertinent to mention that the price of gold in Pakistan fluctuates several times per the international market, so the cost is never fixed. Local gold markets and Sarafa Markets of various cities provide the above rates.

Other Questions Asked

What is the value of 1 tola of gold?

The Tola is still used as a gold and precious metals denomination in various South Asian nations. It is usually acknowledged to be 11.7 grams. However, many jewellers have reduced it to 10 grams, making calculations easier to use and understand.

Is 1 Tola 10 grams?

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1 Tola is equivalent to approximately 11.7 grams of gold. However, jewellers round it out to 10 grams for ease of calculation.

How to calculate gold price?

Jewelry sellers typically follow a simple formula: they calculate the price of a gold piece by multiplying the current gold rate by its weight in grams. Then, they add making charges and GST (Goods and Services Tax) to the total.

How to check gold purity?

To test the purity of gold, you’ll require a gold testing acid kit. This kit includes hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, along with a black stone similar to the one used by jewelers. Here’s how you can test your jewelry: Rub your piece of jewelry on the stone and then apply nitric acid to the mark. If the mark dissolves, it confirms that the gold is pure.

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