Who is Sarim Burney?

Sarim Burney, a renowned social activist based in Pakistan, is widely acknowledged for his advocacy for human rights and marginalized communities.


Sarim Burney is a prominent figure in Pakistan known for his tireless efforts in championing human rights and aiding marginalized groups.

He founded and chairs the Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International, an organization dedicated to tackling issues such as human trafficking, domestic abuse, child welfare, and poverty.

Sarim Burney’s unwavering commitment to human rights has garnered him acclaim both at home and abroad, establishing him as a leading figure in Pakistan’s advocacy for social justice.

This biography sheds light on his impactful contributions to social activism and his continuous endeavors to uplift and safeguard vulnerable populations.

Sarim Burney Trust

Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International, spearheaded by Sarim Burney in Pakistan, is a non-profit committed to tackling societal challenges and assisting marginalized groups. Focused on combatting human trafficking, rescuing victims of bonded labor and domestic abuse, and safeguarding vulnerable children, the trust offers shelter, legal aid, medical support, and vocational training to promote self-sufficiency. Burney’s leadership has propelled the trust to positively impact numerous lives, earning acclaim locally and globally for its humanitarian endeavors.

Sarim Burney Wife

Sarim Burney’s wife is Aliya Burney. They tied the knot in 1995 and have four children, comprising three sons and a daughter. Aliya Burney has been a steadfast support to Sarim Burney in his quest for justice for the underprivileged. She holds the position of Vice Chairperson at Sarim Burney Trust International. In recognition of her contributions, she was honored with the title “Inspiration Women of Pakistan” by NHF at Arts Council Karachi in 2016.


The Anti-Human Trafficking Team of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) apprehended human rights activist Sarim Burney in Karachi on Wednesday, 5th June 2024.

The recent development contradicted the established reputation of the prominent philanthropist, known for his extensive advocacy for marginalized communities through the Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International, established in 1990.

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Throughout its existence, the Trust has played a leading role in tackling pressing issues like human trafficking while advocating for the rights of women and children, providing aid during disasters, and offering legal assistance.

Burney’s efforts have been especially noteworthy in the rescue of child camel jockeys and the creation of a comprehensive database to document human rights abuses.

The Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International has gone beyond awareness initiatives to provide concrete aid, such as financial support for the disabled and initiatives to foster social inclusion.

At its core, the trust is dedicated to combating the exploitation of vulnerable groups, notably children employed as camel jockeys. By offering shelter and assistance, the trust has made substantial strides in aiding victims of this exploitation.

Moreover, its advocacy efforts on a global scale have centered on defending the rights of prisoners, particularly those unjustly accused and without legal representation.

Additionally, initiatives like distributing special bicycles and establishing mobile public call offices highlight the trust’s dedication to promoting equal opportunities, including for individuals with disabilities.

Sarim Burney is the brother of Ansar Burney, another notable philanthropist who previously held the position of Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Human Rights from 2007 to 2008.

Public dispute between the Burney brothers?

In 2012, a controversy erupted between the Burney brothers over the on-air conversion of a Hindu boy to Islam. While one brother defended the act, the other labeled it as a ‘drama’. Sunil, the Hindu boy, was employed at the Ansar Burney Trust, a human rights organization. Ansar Burney criticized the conversion, calling it staged, and announced his intention to sue the host, Khan. He also publicly accused his younger brother Sarim of corruption and claimed to have dismissed him from the trust three months earlier.

Ansar Burney took to Twitter, stating, “If we want to save our country, we shall have to fight against corruption, and I started it from my own office in Karachi.” Speaking to Indian media, he suggested that Sunil was incentivized for his conversion and may not have fully understood the situation.

At the time, Sarim served as the vice-chairman at the Ansar Burney Trust, which was initially established as the Prisoners Aid Society in 1980. Sarim refuted the corruption allegations, asserting that Ansar managed the funds and accounts. He highlighted the creation of his own organization, the Sarim Burney Welfare Trust, following their separation, which Ansar reportedly disapproved of due to his desire for attention.


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