Indian troops dance on the Pakistan border

A recent video that has now become viral proves this.


In the video posted by many on various social platforms now, Indian troops can be seen enjoying a Punjabi song by the late popular singer Sidhu Moose Wala.

Soldiers can be seen performing the bhangra dance to catchy music at an army post on what appears to be the summit of a hill. They dance and give friendly gestures across the border.

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However, this did not make the video viral. Once the camera zooms across the border, a soldier on the Pakistan side on an army post is seen greeting back to the dancing Indian soldiers.

Indian policeman HGS Dhaliwal shared the video on Twitter saying: “Sidhu’s songs play on the other side of the border, closing the gap.
“Referring to the assassination of Moose Wala, one user said: “This is so overwhelming and emotional.. people across the border too felt the pain of his loss. May he be in peace now.”

Although this post has been viewed more than 656,000 times, across all social media platforms combined, the video garnered millions of views and likes.

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