FIA Lodges FIR Against Sarim Burney for Alleged Child Trafficking to US

Authorities Investigate Accusations of Smuggling Newborns Under Guise of Adoption; Burney Faces Scrutiny.


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against Sarim Burney in Karachi for alleged child trafficking to the United States.

The FIA has registered the first FIR, 26/2024, against Sarim Burney, accusing him of trafficking a newborn named Haya to the United States and smuggling more than 20 newborns under the guise of adopting children in the past year.

Following the registration of the FIR, Sarim Burney will be presented in court for remand in the first case.

The FIA authorities stated that among the children sent to America, there are more than 15 girls.

American investigative agencies are also scrutinizing Sarim Burney, and the records of the children transferred to America have been provided to FIA officials from the embassy.

It is evident from the trust documents that besides Sarim Burney, his wife is also among the beneficiaries.

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After the verification of documents from the Sindh government, Sarim Burney’s wife can also be nominated as an accused in the case.

According to officials, Sarim Burney had allegedly sent the last child, Haya, to America, which was bought from her parents for Rs. 1 million, and several people assisted Sarim Burney in the purchase of the child.

It is reported that the child’s parents are extremely poor, and their statement has been recorded, while further cases will be registered against Sarim Burney for more children trafficking and money laundering.

Sarim Burney was under surveillance by American authorities during his recent visit to the United States, and he was questioned twice.

FIA sources revealed that Sarim Burney has admitted to making mistakes in his initial statement after his arrest.

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