Virat Kohli Overtakes Neymar in Social Media Followers

Virat Kohli Surpasses Neymar to Become Second Most Followed Athlete on Social Media.


Indian cricket star and former captain Virat Kohli has climbed to the second position in the list of the most followed athletes on the social media app “AX” (formerly Twitter).

He has surpassed Brazilian footballer Neymar.

Virat Kohli ranks among the most widely followed athletes worldwide, boasting a significant fan base on various social media platforms. Despite cricket’s global popularity, Kohli’s social media following surpasses that of any footballer. The Indian cricketing icon has recently reached a significant milestone by surpassing Neymar Jr in a prestigious ranking.

The Indian cricketer has surpassed Neymar Jr to claim the second spot as the most followed sportsperson on X.

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Virat Kohli currently boasts 63.5 million followers on X, narrowly surpassing Neymar Jr’s 63.4 million followers. The competition between these two sporting icons promises to be intriguing, with Neymar potentially overtaking Kohli at any moment.

Furthermore, Kohli’s dominance extends to Instagram, where he commands a staggering 269 million followers, far outpacing Neymar Jr’s 221 million followers.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo reigns supreme as the most followed sportsperson on social media. With a colossal 630 million followers on Instagram, he stands alone as the only individual to amass over 600 million followers across social media platforms, in addition to 111 million followers on X.

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